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Global emissions are rising. We are trying to fight it. We've been installing solar systems with batteries in Queensland for over 12 years. 2 million Australians have already made the jump to solar. Battery storage is the next frontier for Queenslanders and the battery technology is more affordable than ever!

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“My dream system”

This was my dream system and Evergreen provided by far the most ecomonical and competitive quote (out of several quotes I obtained), but not at any expense to their professional and prompt service, quality of product and quality of install......The installation team were professional, explaining everything to me along the way and did a great job on the install.

No Electricity Bills So Far!
Donald Robertson
25.2 kWh battery

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In July 2023 we had 10KWh PV & Battery System installed, we have waited till now to give an accurate recommendation regards the whole installation. Jake and his team were exemplary thought the preparation, installation and operation of our Solar system. 

The support was ideal for us newbies and now are comfortable with managing it ourselves and with the results i.e. No Electricity bills so far and we were able to eliminate Gas Water Heating.

No Electricity Bills So Far!
Reg Mason
10KWh PV & Battery System
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