Strata Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging in Brisbane, Queensland

Leading the Charge in Strata Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions

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Expertise in Strata EV Charging Solutions

As a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure, we specialise in:

  • EV Charging Stations for Strata: Customised EV charging solutions designed specifically for strata and apartment complexes, enhancing property value and resident satisfaction.
  • Efficient and Reliable EV Charging: Our installations ensure efficient and reliable charging for all residents, with systems compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles.
  • Comprehensive EV Charging Management: Including planning, installation, and maintenance of EV charging stations, tailored to meet the unique needs of strata communities.

Cost effective

Avoid the need for expensive electrical work and benefit from customisable pricing.

Available to the public

Billing platforms open you EV charging infrastructure to the public for an additional revenue stream.

Custom Packages

Packages that start from 2 chargers up to 25 + chargers based on your requirements.

Rapid Response for All Your EV Charging Needs

At Evergreen Electrical, we're not just electricians; we're innovators in electric vehicle charging solutions. Based in Brisbane, our team provides fast, expert installation and maintenance services for EV charging stations in strata and apartment complexes across Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Diverse Electrical Services for Strata Properties

Our skills extend beyond EV charging, offering a range of electrical services for strata properties:

  1. Strata Electrical Services: Expertise in both traditional and modern electrical solutions, focusing on the unique needs of strata and apartment complexes.
  2. Energy Solutions for Strata: Alongside EV charging, we offer energy-efficient installations like LED lighting and smart energy systems, optimising the energy usage in communal areas.
Looking for an alternative revenue stream?

Open your charging infrastructure to the public using a billing platform of your choice.

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Our recent installations

Providing outstanding EV solutions
for local body corporates.

Rely on Evergreen Electrical for your building project's EV charging needs. We provide competitive, comprehensive solutions for integrating EV charging infrastructure into new and existing strata developments.

Advanced Booking and Alert System for Strata EV Installations

Benefit from our advanced booking and alert system that keeps you informed about the installation and maintenance schedules of your strata’s EV charging stations, ensuring seamless service and coordination.