About Evergreen Electrical

We started this company over 10 years ago.

Troy Fox

I love bringing people together and finding opportunities where people can reach their full potential.

Evergreen has and is still giving me the opportunity to learn about the electrical industry, business and myself. It has also given me the opportunity to employ apprentices who are now tradesman, it brings me great pleasure to see one of our team complete their 4 year apprenticeship and become a qualified Electrician.

I also enjoy finding other likeminded people to form partnerships and or collaborate in business with.

Dan Knight

When we started Evergreen, we wanted to create a happy & positive work environment, where each team member had the opportunity to reach their full potential whilst enjoying themselves and learning from those around them.

We all have stressful days & tasks that we don’t enjoy, its just part of life, however, I believe these things become much more bearable when you work in a positive environment with like minded, motivated people, and that's what we aim to provide at Evergreen. I believe a happy & motivated workforce is what sets us apart from our competitors.

I'm passionate about providing quality solar systems for every household, for those people on a budget and those that want top end products, we try to cater for all. I focus on honesty and integrity, meaning no grey areas, no hidden extras & no underhand sales tactics. Just a genuine sale, with genuine intent, with great customer outcomes that solve their individual Solar requirements.

Hayden Jensen

Jake Evans

James Tyquin

Cyanne Tomassini

Storme Fredricks

Andrew Beith

Cam Dew

Jayde Adams

Justin Batch

Liam Gurney

Ryo Kuniyasu

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