Trina Vertex 390W review | In-depth look into a great value

Find out whether the Trina 390W solar panel is right for you. We look in-depth into the company, warranty and suitability.

If you have plans to install a solar panel at your home, you not forget to research your bit and bring home the right one. A company that has been garnering its fair share of popularity in this domain is Trina Solar. The panels by this company are top quality and provide you best results in power generation.

Today, we will review the Trina Vertex 390W for new buyers in need of an affordable and scalable option.

About the Company

Trina Solar is a top name among the solar panel manufacturers and suppliers globally. Its reputation and distribution network scales across 30+ countries. The company came into existence in the year 1997 and is present in China.

The company has also received several accolades in the R&D department. This includes 18 world records in solar PV panels and cell efficiency. As per Bloomberg New Energy Finance, it ranks as a  Tier-1 solar panels manufacturer.

Trina manufactures value-for-money and high-performance solar panels for its customers with impressive designs.

Why Choose Trina Solar Panels?

Trina invests in future-forward technology & innovation. This gears towards improving the panel’s efficiency & quality. They also strive to strike the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness & modern cell tech.

With so many innovations in place, Trina panels are affordable. For a common person, the panels are much cheaper than most brands out in the market. The company also flaunts a diligent reputation for financial stability. It also provides long-term warranty fulfillment..

Trina Vertex 390 W: In-Depth Review

Cell Technology

Trina has introduced ground-breaking technologies in recent years with its R&D team. The company has managed to produce effective solar panels with half-cell technology.  It is available at cost-effective prices when combined with its bifacial technology.

The company recently manufactured its 1/3 cut solar cell technology for its Vertex cells. This has helped increase the total light absorption along with higher output generation.

The multi-bar solar module technology has helped limit any ribbon resistance. It has also aided in reducing cell-based power loss. For the Trina Vertex 390W, the cell technology used is multi-busbar. This combined with a side wafer of 210mm, helps it produce 600W high output. It also has an efficiency that scales up by 21.4 percent.

The panels use bifacial technology with a double glass system. This helps maximize solar power generation by going as high as 30 percent. The 1/3 cut cells also help reduce major power loss with higher power generated for each watt.


The Vertex 390 W solar panel comes with a 15-year warranty on the workmanship.


The Trina Vertex 390 W uses high-density square-mono cells and encapsulation technology.  This drives the panel to 21 percent efficiency. After ten years, the efficiency goes down to 92 percent, which is still an excellent number for a solar panel. After twenty-five years, this efficiency ranges from 84-85 percent mark.

 This brings the degeneration rate to 2 percent for the very first year. The range is 0.45 to 0.55 percent for the following years up until 25 years.

Peak Performance

With high panel efficiency, the 390 W panels would perform at their best for 10 years. Next comes a slow yet steady degeneration that isn't as much as other panels in the market. Under the right conditions, the panels provide a peach performance. This includes max power generation going as high as 600W.


  • Outstanding aesthetics and visual appearance
  • Thinner wires that aren’t as noticeable
  • Small size with improved power generation properties
  • Easy mounting design
  • Improved resistance & current collection
  • 15-year manufacturer warranty


  • POE encapsulant (Polyolefin elastomer-based encapsulant) required in humid & hot climates for added protection
Model Number390 W400 W395 W405 W
Power Warranty15 Years15 Years15 Years15 Years
Product Warranty25 Years with 84.8 percent Output Power25 Years with 84.8 percent Output Power25 Years with 84.8 percent Output Power25 Years with 84.8 percent Output Power
Pmax (Maximum Power)390 Wp400 Wp395 Wp405 Wp
Vmpp (Maximum Power Voltage) 33.8 V34.2 V34 V34.4 V
Impp (Maximum Power Current)11.54 A11.7 A11.62 A11.77 A
Voc (Voltage-Open Circuit)40.8 V41.2 V41 V41.4 V
Isc (Current-Short Circuit)12.14 A12.28 A12.21 A12.34 A
Panel Efficiency20.3 Percent20.8 percent20.5 percent21.1 percent
Power Tolerance+1 Percent+1 Percent+1 Percent+1 Percent

Trina Vertex 390 W Specifications Chart

Panel Dimensions1754 X 1096 X 30mm
Glass TypeHigh Transmittance, Anti-Reflection, Tempered
Cell Number120
Weight21 g
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Glass Thickness3.2mm
Frame TypeAnodized Aluminum Alloy
Encapsulant TypeEVA
Connector TypeMC4
Protection ClassIP 68
Cable Crossection4 mm2

Trina Solar Panels: Sustainability

Trina Solar is on its pathway to sustainability. It has in place moves processed to reduce waste & emissions via efficient manufacturing. They have also started focusing on corporate responsibility. The company also has a GISSC awarded EDP or Environmental Product Declaration certification. This accolade offered in January 2021 helped the company focus on sustainability.

The company tracks its environmental impact in a stringent manner. Tracking via raw material usage, processing, manufacturing, transporting, & recycling helps the company.


Do Trina Panels belong to Tier-1 Category?

Yes, this company is a popular Tier-1 category manufacturer in the solar market (Source: Link). It is a Tier-1 company due to factors like financial stability & panel effectiveness. 

Where is Trina Solar Company based?

Trina Solar is present in China with 13000+ employees & 850+ patents.

What is the average life expectancy of Trina Panels?

On average, Trina panels can work for 25 to 30 years. Several models also flaunt a 30-year manufacturer warranty suggesting their quality efficiency.


The Trina Vertex 390 W is an affordable choice for anyone looking forward to saving up on energy bills. It can help generate a good amount of solar energy without investing a lot. The company also ensures that there is little to no maintenance required. In the long run, the panels provide you the highest output.

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