Ground-Mounted Solar in Brisbane: A Practical Guide

Considering solar in Brisbane but lack roof space or difficult access? Our guide to ground-mounted solar panels offers solutions for homeowners & off-grid setups.

In Brisbane, where city living often means limited access to solar due to high-rise living, ground-mounted solar panels offer a solid solution for those with the luxury of space. This guide is streamlined to give you the essentials on why and when ground-mounted solar makes sense, especially for suburban homeowners or those aiming for an off-grid setup.

Ground-Mounted Solar Explained

Ground-mounted solar systems are solar panels installed on the ground. They're ideal for maximising sun exposure since you can position them precisely. There are two types: fixed, which stay in one position, and tracking, which follow the sun’s path for increased efficiency.

Key Reasons for Choosing Ground-Mounted Solar

Space Freedom: In suburban Brisbane, where land is more plentiful, using ground space for solar panels can bypass the limitations of a crowded or unsuitable rooftop.

Roof Concerns: For homes with roofs that aren't ideal for solar due to direction, shading, or structural issues, ground-mounted panels offer an effective alternative.

Optimised Energy Production: With the ability to perfectly angle your panels towards the sun, ground-mounted systems often generate more power than their rooftop counterparts.

Accessibility: Ground installations are easier to maintain and expand compared to rooftop systems. No need to climb on the roof for cleaning or upgrades.

Off-Grid Potential: For those in or around Brisbane looking to live off-grid, ground-mounted solar provides a scalable and efficient energy solution.

Installing Ground-Mounted Solar

Transitioning to ground-mounted solar is a decision that involves considering your specific energy needs and property layout. It’s crucial to assess the suitability of your land and consult with a solar professional like Evergreen Electrical to design a system that delivers optimal performance.

Ground vs. Rooftop: Making the Choice

While rooftop solar is widespread, ground-mounted systems offer unique benefits under the right circumstances, such as more energy production and easier maintenance. The decision largely depends on your property’s characteristics and energy goals.


For those in Brisbane with the space to spare, ground-mounted solar panels present an opportunity to harness solar energy efficiently. They're especially suited for suburban homeowners or those interested in off-grid living, providing a flexible and scalable option for reducing electricity bills and increasing energy independence.

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