GoodWe GW-GW10K-MS Review | Fantastic Inverter at a budget

Find out whether the GoodWe GW-GW10K-MS Inverter is right for you. We look at the design, suitability, features and a comparison against others

GoodWe is a well-known brand that flaunts a large variety of inverters. While some are these inverters are worth the price, others might not be up to the mark. Today, we will talk about the GoodWe GW10K-MS. This premium quality solar inverter has a lot of special features. They are perfect for residential usage.

Before that, let us talk about the company itself.

Company Overview-GoodWe

GoodWe is also known as Jiangsu GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd. The company came into existence in the year 2010. It has its roots in Suzhou, China, with a popular market set up in Australia as well. GoodWe manufactures and designs inverters for commercial, residential & energy storage markets.

The company manufactures different inverters with power capacities between 0.7 kW & 250kW. It is available in single, dual, & three-phase variants. GoodWe is now an internationally renowned manufacturer. The company has 1200+ employees in 15 countries globally.

GoodWe is also the first inverter manufacturer from a non-European background. It has the VDE-AR-N 4110-2018 compliance certification.

GoodWe String Inverter Design

Most of the inverters by GoodWe have a traditional string inverter design. This is why they are available at pocket-friendly prices. The same is applicable for the GW10K-MS model as well. String inverters help transfer the panel-generated power to the centralized inverter. Next, the DC electricity converts to usable AC form to power the residential spaces.

The brand also specializes in the production of hybrid string inverters. This design can help store the power to help with immediate use up.

GoodWe GW10K-MS: Complete Review

The GoodWe GW10K-MS is an ideal choice for ever-increasing residential needs. This single-phase 5-10W inverter model comes with 3 maximum power point trackers. The machine can achieve about 10 percent AC overloading. It has a versatile and powerful design.

The machine has an 80V start-up voltage. It can also generate electricity with 97.7 percent efficiency. The inverter has a compatible design that syncs with the bifacial modules. It has a 12.5A maximum input current feature for each solar string.

The GoodWe 10K-MS has AFCI-grade integrated protection. The lightweight design also ensures effortless installation. The inverter is designed for domestic usage with 5 years of manufacturer warranty. Although the inverter isn’t a hybrid variant, it does allow Wi-Fi monitoring for the users.

GoodWe 10K-MS’s Earth Fault Indicator Alarm

For added safety measures, the inverter comes with an Earth Fault Indicator Alarm. This is in compliance with the IEC62109-2 standards. When there is any fault with the circuit’s earth connection, this fault indicator lights up. It is located on the LED’s front cover.

If you have established a connection with the wi-fi, you will be notified of the same until the issue is resolved. For someone using the non-wi-fi solution, the inverter rings in a buzzer to remind you every 1 minute. This happens for 30 minutes unless you resolve the fault by calling a technician.

How much does a GoodWe Inverter Cost?

The GoodWe inverters and other products are manufactured and processed in China. They also pack in cost-effective features with quality maintained.

Indicative Pricing

GoodWe ModelAverage Price Range(AUD)
XS Series Inverter (3kW)$640- $770
DNS Series Inverter (5kW)$770-$1000
MS Series Inverter (10kW)$1600-$1800

 It is always better to invest in an inverter that has maximum efficiency & performance.

Understanding the Uniqueness of GW10K-MS Inverter

GoodWe has efficient MPPTs or Maximum Power Point Trackers. They help in optimization of electronic conversions between solar panels, utility grid & battery bank. The MS range model came out back in 2020 with 1 unique feature that is 3 MPPTs. Now, how do these MPPTs help? With this solar tech, you can create a string-panel design on the roof. You can place the panels on your north, west, and east roof while keeping them connected via one inverter. Not all inverters are designed to do this.

Is GoodWe GW 10K-MS ideal for Australia’s Climate?

Yes, the GoodWe GW10K-MS is perfectly suited to handle the harsh weather in Australia. These inverters are reliable and handle any task without facing gruesome damage. The GoodWe inverters have CEC compliance as set by the Clean Energy Council.

The convection cooling technology ensures that the machine doesn’t heat up excessively. GoodWe’s GW10K-MS has the panel efficiency & inverter size in proportion. In case the panel size surpasses the inverter’s size, power backup can be problematic.

Does GoodWe support DC oversizing?

Oversizing is expanding beyond the mentioned capacity of an inverter. The GoodWe inverters are best for extra panel installation. This ensures shading prevention & enhanced efficiency. Normally, it can lead to extra efficiency consumption leading to reduced power generation. GoodWe GW10K-MS ensures that the efficiency isn’t hampered with extra panel installation.

This high-performance inverter can deal with extra pressure with no efficiency compromise. The efficiency section can be managed even if you oversize by a solid 33 percent.

GoodWe Integrated Wi-Fi Connection

GoodWe Wi-Fi connection allows you to check the solar power production as per your need. You can set the chart at yearly, monthly, or daily product and export the same to your device. You can also judge your inverter’s performance via a history check.


The GoodWe app also notifies you of any defect or fault in the inverter via reports or emails. The GoodWe also comes with a voltage inflation software feature. You can change it from the default mode to 270V and allow more power production.

How to prevent shading when installing GoodWe inverters?

You can install the panel optimizers to curb the shading issues. Most GoodWe inverters fit well with the Tigo Optimizers. Alternatively, you can use the half-cut panels to reduce impact shading.

GoodWe Inverter Comparison (GW 10K-MS vs. GW8500-MS vs. GW7000-MS)

GW 10K-MSGW8500-MSGW7000-MS
Maximum Input Power (DC)135001350013500
Maximum Input Voltage (DC)600600600
Start-Up Voltage808080
Minimum Feed-In Voltage120120120
Number of Maximum Power Point Trackers333
Nominal Power (Output)1000085007000
Nominal Voltage (Output)220/230220/230220/230
Maximum Output Current45.542.535
Maximum Efficiency97.7 percent97.7 percent97.7 percent
European Efficiency97.3 percent97.3 percent97.3 percent
Anti-IslandingIntegrated DesignIntegrated DesignIntegrated Design
Insulation Resistance DetectionIntegrated DesignIntegrated DesignIntegrated Design
Short Circuit ProtectionIntegrated DesignIntegrated DesignIntegrated Design
SPD Protection (DC)Type II ProtectionType II ProtectionType II Protection
SPD Protection (AC)Type III ProtectionType III ProtectionType III Protection
Operating Temperature-25oC to 60oC-25oC to 60oC25oC to 60oC
Cooling TechnologyNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural Convection
User Interface ScreenLED & LCDLED & LCDLED & LCD
CommunicationWi-Fi/LAN; RS 485Wi-Fi/LAN; RS 485Wi-Fi/LAN; RS 485
Protection LevelIP65IP65IP65
Topology TypeTransformerlessTransformerlessTransformerless


The GoodWe GW-10K-MS is an ideal choice for budget buyers. These ultra-modern features help you save more power with higher efficiency. Consider opting for professional help for the installation of the inverter. The convection cooling technology will help avoid burn-outs in the Australian weather. This is why GoodWe is a perfect choice for homeowners. 

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