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Find out how which Goodwe battery ready inverter is right for your home, and whether you need one or not.

Are you looking for the best battery-ready inverter available in the market? One of the best we recommend is Goodwe. The company is a leading inverter manufacturer & supplier since 2010. But, what exactly is a battery-ready inverter? How does it help you?

Before we learn about the top 3 battery-ready Goodwe inverters, let us learn the basics.If you are someone who doesn’t plan to invest in a 2nd inverter in future, expanding the power needs could be a tad difficult. In such a scenario, having access to battery-ready inverters is the key. With a battery-ready inverter, you can add extra batteries to your existing set-up and hence increase the overall power production. 

What is a battery-ready inverter?

It is also termed a hybrid inverter. These inverters are a combination of inverter & battery together in a unit. They feature advanced technology with a cheaper yet durable design. Battery-ready inverters are a cost-effective method to add more batteries to the setup.

This translates to higher power output, especially in the winter months.

Why do you need a battery-ready inverter?

Shifting utility prices and extreme weather changes our need as power consumers. A residential inverter can promise you expected lifetime power for 10, 20, or maybe 25 years. 

In this context, a battery-ready inverter is what you need.

Here is why:


A battery-ready system allows you to expand your existing one. You don’t have to invest in buying a larger solar inverter system. This is especially helpful for people with space constraints.


Today, solar panels feature higher efficiency. With the scope for adding more batteries, you invest in better efficiency. Battery-ready solar inverters are more efficient as compared to generic inverters. Moreover, they are cost-effective as well.

Smart-Grid Compatible:

The need for a grid-compatible inverter is evident. The popularity of battery-ready inverters is soaring, with more residential solar owners connecting with the smart grid. With smart-grid compatibility, you get kickbacks. It could be in the form of credit or cash for the energy generated.

Do You Need to Get a GoodWe Inverter If You Have GoodWe Panels?

No, this isn’t a specific necessity. You can surely use solar panels of other brands with your GoodWe inverter. However, you need to ensure that the inverter is sized as per the DC-rating of your solar array. In this context, you need to understand the array-to-inverter ratio. 

For example, your inverter is 6000w with a 6kW solar array. This brings the ratio to 1. When you install a 5000w with a 6kW array, the ratio is 1:2. It is generally recommended that you keep the number 1.15 to 1.25. Most solar service providers recommend not going higher than 1.55. 

The vice-versa is also true. If you get GoodWe panels for battery-ready inverters from another brand, the key is to maintain this ratio. 

Failing to do this can lead to clipping. Now, clipping is a problem faced by most solar system owners. It can occur when you oversize your system more than its recommended capacity. Whenever this happens, your inverter will bring down the total energy being converted and hence lead to power loss. 

Now that you know about the basics let us learn more about the 3 best Goodwe Battery-Ready Inverters.

Goodwe GW5000-EH vs. GW5000S-BP vs. GW5KL-ET

The EH Series by Goodwe comprises a hybrid inverter single-phase design. It also has a section designed for the on-grid conventional inverter. This battery-ready inverter provides you with load status monitoring in real-time. It uses a smart meter with adjustable limit function export power integration.

The SBP series is a retrofitted solution ideal for 3-phase or single-phase systems. This AC-coupled battery system works in sync with the single-phase string inverter. This bi-directional solar inverter is best for outdoor and indoor usage.

The ET series by Goodwe is also a 3-phase high-voltage inverter for power storage. It enables energy independence with maximized self-consumption via a feature that limits energy export. This ensures off-grid independence in situations with power failure.

GoodWe GW5000-EH


An elite design, the GoodWe GW5000-EH has DC coupled battery. It is ideal for single phase connection. This hybrid inverter has a multimode design with UPS. This is alongside Pylontech & BYD battery compatibility. The inverter also features a fanless cooling design to handle high temperatures.

Plus, the inverter features a modern LED design with an internet facility. It also supports inbuilt Ethernet and Wi-Fi services along with a DC isolator. The inspiring design is supported by IP65 protection and TUV certification.


Regarding performance, the GW5000-EH is weighted for more than 97 percent efficiency. The inverter performs at its efficient best within -35oC to 60oC. The lightweight model weighing 17 kg can easily be fitted on your wall. It doesn’t carry unnecessary components that lead to equipment heating issues.

The noise emission with the inverter has been kept to a maximum of 35dB. So, it’s like a whispering sound or even quieter.


GoodWe GW5000-EH comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the parts. It also brings in a 5-year of service warranty. The inverter also comes with an authorized network of certified installers. This translates to additional end-user benefits.


With this inverter, you get access to the SEMS energy monitoring portal. It can be used on both Android & iOS devices. The application provides you fault diagnosis and alerts.

GoodWe GW5000S-BP


The SBP series by GoodWe is versatile as a retrofitted solution with AC-coupled storage. It is ideal for single-phase & 3-phase systems. In the daytime, it generates power that is first used for load consumption. The excessive energy is then used for battery charging along with energy storage.

The battery design also facilitates grid charging for an uninterrupted power supply during power cuts.


The inverter has a lower efficiency than others. It surely makes up for it with its lightweight design. The inverter features 95.5 percent efficiency with 18 kg weight. The noise emission in this inverter is the least among the three. At less than 25dB, this battery-ready inverter is silent.

The inverter redirects the power supply to important appliances during power cuts.


The battery-ready inverter has a 5+5 year warranty on parts and service. This is only applicable for installation done via authorized service providers.


To monitor the power usage and generation, the SEMS portal can be used. The dedicated app functions on iOS & Android devices. It provides data access for any faults or usage alerts.



The GoodWe GW5KL-ET features a powerful Li-Ion battery with a hybrid design. It also features a UPS with 3-phase DC-Coupled design. The battery-ready inverter also features a fanless cooling design. This might not be as efficient, but it surely gets the job done. Along with IP66 protection, the inverter flaunts TUV and DNV GL certification.

This model from the ET series features a microinverter design with Wi-Fi & in-built Ethernet connectivity.


The inverter has 97.6 percent efficiency. It functions at its optimum in temperatures ranging between -35oC to 60oC. The inverter is a bit on the heavier end as compared to GW5000S-BP or GW5000-EH. It weighs about 25kg. With this ET series model, the noise emission has been kept at less than 30dB.


As is with all the GoodWe battery-ready inverters, this model has a 5-year manufacturer warranty for parts. Additionally, you get a 5-year worth of service warranty. When you get the inverter installed by an authorized service provider, you get additional benefits.


The solar data for the ET series can be monitored with the help of the SEMS portal. You can also use the app for fault diagnosis and alerts. The app is compatible with Android & iOS Smartphones.

Technical Data

Start-Up Voltage (V)9048180 
Battery TypeLi-IonLi-IonLi-Ion
Maximum Discharging/Charging Current (A)25/25100/10025/25
Maximum Discharging/Charging Power (W)500050006650
Battery Voltage Range (V)85-45050-2000180-600
MPPT Range100-550250-550200-850
Maximum Input Current12.5 A/12.5 A12.5 A/12.5 A12.5 A/12.5 A
Max Output50 A100 A25 A
Number of Strings/MPP Tracker111
Maximum Efficiency97.6 percent95.5 percent97.6 percent
Operating Temperature-35oC to 60oC-25oC to 60oC-35oC to 60oC
CoolingNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural Convection
NoiseLess than 35dBLess than 25dBLess than 30dB
Mounting TypeWall BracketWall BracketWall Bracket
Weight17 kg18.5kg25kg
Protection DegreeIP65IP65IP66


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the GW5KL-ET model is a perfect choice. It also features a wider bracket for operating temperature. For a feature-packed inverter, you can opt for the GW5000S-BP. But, the pricing for this is at the higher end. 

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