Can you heat hot water with solar?

Using Catch Power, you can can now heat up your water with solar without selling it back to the grid.

You can heat hot water with solar without selling the excess power generation back into the grid.

The device that can send excess electrical energy from your solar system to your hot water system is named as a Hot water diverter. In this way, you can save yourself from using expensive ways to heat water. But, you will lose your feed-in tariff which you would have gained if the excess energy had instead been directed to the grid.  

If your home has a solar system of the capacity of 5kW or more, then 90% of the electricity can be derived from rooftop solar for your hot water system. Though, the precise proportion will rely on the location and your routine for the consumption of hot water.

A diverter can be an operative investment if:

  • Your feed-in tariff for solar power system is lower than the cost of electricity you pay for your hot water system, and
  • Your consumption of hot water is high.

A hot water tank in the home is an ‘Energy storage device’. Diverter converts surplus solar energy into stored heat inside the water tank. This will eradicate the need of purchasing electricity from the grid for water heating. 

Also, the diverter does not need any plumbing services for installation. Hot water tanks make sure that water remains heated for night time also. In the ideal situation, a diverter will permit a home to make sure that it is using 100% or approximately 100% of the solar power it generates.

Green Catch Diverter

Green catch diverter diverts surplus energy from your solar power system to your hot water system. Once the water is heated then this water is stored in storage tanks so that you can use this hot water at night time also. 

This diverter is different from other diverters as it does not require an internet connection to work. This device is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted according to the seasons i.e. can be adjusted 2 to 3 times a year. In the winter season, you can start the process of heating with 2 hours of off-peak and then the rest of the process can be done by your solar system. In the summer season, this can be set to zero as there is enough solar energy in the daytime to heat your water. 

Green catch diverters are designed to work with solar arrays. It can also be installed with existing hot water tanks. You will need a licensed electrician to install this diverter in your hot water system. 

How does it work?

The built-in algorithm in Green Catch diverter always ensures that your water must be heated at the most economical rate possible. The following points will clear the concept of working on this diverter.

  • Green catch is fixed in the meter box
  • This diverter continuously monitors the movement of solar power. When it senses that electrical power is leaving, it redirects that solar power to your hot water system.
  • Its control pad has great controlling tabs that allow hot water heating for the short days of winter or an extra boosting tab if needed. Its control pad also contains the options for heating water immediately or never using the energy at all i.e. if you are going on vacation. 
  • Green Catch diverter learns every day. It automatically adjusts the timer to get the best use of solar. 
Green Catch PV diverter size

Specifications of Green Catch Diverter

Some of the technical specifications of Green Catch Diverter taken from a brochure are listed as follows:

Technical Specifications 
Max Hot Water Size4.8 kW
Max Load Current20 A
AC Input Voltage230 VAC
AC Frequency50 Hz
Weight< 1 Kg
Dimensions H*W*L10*11*5
Warranty5 years

Advantages of Green Catch Diverter

  • Unlike other diverters, it works without the internet.
  • This diverter is cheaper than other alternatives available in the market.
  • It has an advanced control pad.
  • This diverter always ensures that your water is heated in the cheapest way possible.

Disadvantages of Green Catch Diverter

  • This diverter has only 1 timing range, unlike the timer, so it won’t be able to do morning pre heat. 
  • This diverter is only suitable for the Single-Phase version.
  • It lacks the special feature of remote monitoring to sensing any sort of glitches.
  • No wireless connection with routers like Blue Catch Diverter.

Alternative to Green Catch Diverter

If you are looking for an alternative for more efficient online monitoring, you should consider Blue Catch Diverter. The common features of Green Catch and Blue catch are as follows:

  • Maximum heating capacity is 4.8 kW.
  • Both have timers.
  • Both have a warranty of 5 years.
  • Both have 1 heating load output. 

The main differences between both the diverters are listed in the table:

Green Catch DiverterBlue Catch Diverter
PhaseSingle PhaseSingle Phase or 3-Phase
Sensor ConnectionWiredWired connection from meter to diverter with a wireless connection to its communicator which plugs into router.
Price Single Phase$1,000$1,700
Price Three Phase-$1,950
Special FeatureNoneInternet connection permits remote monitoring to sense any glitches.


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