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Find out whether a 13kw solar system is suitable for your Brisbane home, and what the ideal system based on your budget.

Now you have decided to invest in a solar system, that would be a great idea! Especially if you have a big home and spend a lot on the electricity bill. But you may want to know if it would be economical and how long you can recover your investment. However, there are more factors to consider before concluding that the 13 KW system is the best option for you, but first let’s look at how big the solar system is.

How big is a 13kW system?

Typically, a 13kW system uses an inverter with a maximum output power of 10kW, and has enough panels to generate 13.2kW of electricity. 

In most cases, 13kW solar system is actually two 6kW systems together. There are double the quantity of inverters and panels as the smaller 6kW versions.

Generally speaking, each panel is rated at around 330W, and so the total number of panels in the system is 40, which totals to 13200W or 13.2kW.

Inverter size smaller than total panels?

Is it a concern that the inverter rating of 10kW is smaller than the total power of all the panels combined? Will the inverter “blow up”?

These are valid questions.

To put it simply, no. This is not a concern.

Only in ideal conditions will your panels generate its maximum capacity in electricity. Generally, all the following factors add to a non ideal environment:

  • Angle of installation
  • Shading
  • Weather
  • Sun orientation
  • Cloud
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

As a result, your panels will very rarely generate their maximum capacity. 

How Do I Know if the 13KW System is Ideal for Me

If you have a budget for any solar system size, it would be best if you chose one that will give you the maximum benefit without wastage. Think about the following factors before concluding on a 13kW system.

Your Power Consumption

A 13kW solar system usually produces around 40kWh a day. 

If your home consumes significantly less power than this, then perhaps a smaller solar system may not be worth it for you, such as a 6kW solar system.

If you are consuming between 15kWh and 25kWh, then a 10kW solar system may be ideal.

If you are consuming higher than 25kWh, then a 13kW system may be ideal.

How do you tell how much electricity you’re using? You can check on your bill. 

Your Electricity Bill

Your bill will definitely show you how much energy you’re consuming on a daily basis. However, if you don’t have your bill handy, perhaps you know off the top of your head how much you’re paying for your bills?

Generally speaking, if you pay more than $250 a month in electricity bills, we would highly recommend you to offset that use with a large solar system.

A 13.2kW system is suited for households that has many appliances that consume high amounts of electricity. If the following description fits you, then you will benefit from a large solar system.

  • Your home consists of more than 4 occupants
  • You use air conditioning regularly
  • You use electrical heating regularly
  • Your oven is used on a regularly
  • You use an electric dryer for your clothes regularly
  • You use your dishwasher regularly
  • You work from home and your occupation uses a lot of electricity
  • You own an electric car
  • Your home’s insulation may not be ideal

Your Budget

Each home has different, and each installation is different. Depending on your state, and when you are getting solar installed, your rebates may be different. 

A general rule of thumb is the cost of the full installation including the inverter is $1/w. 

So a 6kW system will cost you about $12,000 - $14,000. 

However, costs are coming down quickly. 

Your roof space

Even if all the factors above lead you to believe you need a 10kW system or larger, the amount of roof space on your home will heavily dictate whether you can fit it all. 

Each panel is around 1762mm x 994mm, which is 1.75m2

So to fit 40 panels, your roof will need at least 70m2. 

Not only that, they should ideally be north facing and have minimal shading from nearby trees.

How Much Can You Save With a 13kW Solar System?

Your savings will depend on your power consumption. 

A household with a high energy usage consuming more than 25kWh a day will likely pay about $2708 without solar. 

With solar, such families can save about $3452 reducing their electricity bill and earning about $744 per year by selling back to the grid.

The table below shows an estimated energy consumption, electricity bills, and savings of different types of households.

Low Energy-Consuming HouseholdMedium Energy-Consuming HouseholdHigh Energy-Consuming Household
Daily Power UsageLess than 15kWh15kWh - 25kWhMore than 25kWh
Annual Electricity Bill Without Solar$1,655 $2,181 $2,708
Annual Electricity Bill With Solar-$1,637-$1,191-$744
Savings$3,291 $3,372 $3,452

Product Packages

There are three different packages available for a 6kW solar panel. The significant difference in the packages is the choice of the panel and the inverter. 

We have put together these packages for you based on years of experience and plenty of feedback from our clients. 

The lower cost options have fewer features and are generally lesser known brand. However, it does not mean they are lower in terms of quality. All these packages will work just fine for you.

  • Quality on Budget package
  • Mid Range package
  • High-End package.

Quality on a Budget

Quality on a Budget is for families who want to save without losing too much on quality. Although its output power is lower than those of other packages, it is still good enough for the desired result. Also, the durability may not be as much as that of other packages, but they are guaranteed to last for many years.

Solar Panel - Longi Solar LNG-LR6-600PH-350M_35-v1

Model NumberLNG-LR6-600PH-350M_35-v1
Country of ManufactureChina
Dimension1762 x 994 x 35 mm
Weight19 kg
Maximum Power (W)259.3
Voltage at Maximum Power (V)29.4
Current at Maximum Power (A)8.83
Module efficiency (%)20
Operating Temperature-40oC to +85oC
Safety ClassClass II
Wind Resistance 2400 Pa
Warranty12 Years 

Inverter - 2x Goodwe GW-GW6500D-MS

Model NumberGW-GW5000D-NS
Country of ManufactureChina
Dimension347 x 432 x 145 mm
Weight13 kg
Maximum Input Voltage600 V
Start Up Voltage120 V
MPP Voltage Range80 - 550 V
Maximum Output Current22.8 A
Input Power6650 W
Nominal Output Power5000 W
Maximum Efficiency97.80%

Mid Range

The Mid Range Package uses Suntech solar panel and Sungrow inverter. The solar panel has a maximum output power of 350 W. Hence it will require about 40 panels to produce 13kW power. Both Suntech and Sungrow are well known in the industry to be quality and effective. Mid Range package is more expensive than the Quality-on-Budget package, but not as much as the High-End package.

Mid Range package is for users who want top-quality but cannot afford our High-End package. If you buy this package, you will be spending more than you would have spent on our Quality on Budget package, but you can be assured of value for your money.

Solar Panel - Suntech STP 350S-B60/Wnhb 

Model NumberSTP 350S-B60/Wnhb
Country of ManufactureChina
Dimension1756 x 1039 x 35 mm
Weight20.3 kg
Maximum Power (W)350
Voltage at Maximum Power (V)33.5
Current at Maximum Power (A)10.46
Module efficiency (%)19.2
Operating Temperature-40oC to +85oC
Safety ClassClass II
Wind Resistance 3800 Pa
Warranty12 Years 

Inverter - 2x Sungrow SGR – SG5K – D - Premium

Model NumberSGR - SG5K - D - Premium
Country of ManufactureChina
Dimension360 x 390 x 133 mm
Weight11.5 kg
Maximum Input Voltage600 V DC
MPP Voltage Range90 - 560 V DC
Maximum PV Input Current12.5 A per MPPT
Maximum Output Current21.7 A
Nominal Output Power5000 W
Maximum Efficiency98.40%

High End

The High-End package is the most expensive. It includes a Q-Cells panel and a Fronius inverter. The solar panel has a maximum output power of 350 W. Therefore, you will need about 18 of these panels to produce 6kW.

This package is for individuals who value quality and desire a durable product. It may cost more than other packages, but it is also of the best quality.

Solar Panel - Qcell Q Maxx – G2-350

Model NumberQ Maxx - G2-350
Country of ManufactureChina
Dimension1740 x 1030 x 32 mm
Weight19.9 kg
Maximum Power (W)350
Voltage at Maximum Power (V)34.24
Current at Maximum Power (A)10.22
Module efficiency (%)19.5
Operating Temperature-40oC to +85oC
Safety ClassClass II
Wind Resistance 4000 Pa
Warranty 25 Years

Inverter - 2x Fronius Primo 5.0.1 INT

Model NumberPrimo 5.0.1 INT
Country of ManufactureChina
Dimension645 x 431 x 204 mm
Weight21.5 kg
MPP Voltage Range240 - 800 V
Maximum PV Input Current12 A/ 12 A
Input Power7500 W peak
Nominal Output Power5000 W
Maximum Efficiency98.10%

Solar Panel Packages Compared

PackageQuality on BudgetMid RangeHigh End
Dimension1762 x 994 x 35 mm1756 x 1039 x 35 mm1740 x 1030 x 32 mm
Weight19 kg20.3 kg19.9 kg
Maximum Power (W)259.3350350
Voltage at Maximum Power (V)29.433.534.24
Current at Maximum Power (A)8.8310.4610.22
Wind Resistance2400 Pa3800 Pa4000 Pa
Efficiency (%) 2019. 219. 5
Warranty12 Years12 Years25 Years

Inverter Packages Compared

PackageQuality on BudgetMid RangeHigh End
Dimension347 x 432 x 145 mm360 x 390 x 133 mm645 x 431 x 204 mm
Weight13 kg11.5 kg21.5 kg
Maximum Input Power 6650 W7100 W7500 W
MPP Voltage Range80 - 550 V90 - 560 V DC240 - 800V
Output Power5000 W5000 W5000 W
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 10 Years 

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