EV Billing Platforms

In this blog we will summaries 4 different billing platform options that can be used to generate revenue from your EV charging stations.


ChargeN’Go’s mission is to make EV charging simple, flexible, intelligent, and effective, offering a range of charging solutions for EV drivers, property managers, fleet owners, and developers. They have a best-selling charging solution designed for businesses, providing intelligent software and efficient energy use. It caters to various needs including multi-unit properties that require multiple EV chargers.


Chargefox offers straightforward charging solutions for apartments, private buildings, and property developers. Their custom dashboard provides real-time metrics on charger performance, including recent charging activity, consumption rates, and costs. Chargefox manages payments and revenue distribution, making charging management simple and efficient. Chargefox offers options for tenant-owned chargers and shared chargers for multiple tenants, streamlining billing and revenue collection. Additionally, they provide the option to make chargers discoverable via their app, increasing convenience for users.


EVUp provides EV charging solutions to commercial and retail businesses. By partnering with EVUp, businesses can offer reliable EV charging on their premises, support low-emission transport, and increase revenue. They have developed user-friendly software that simplifies the process of generating revenue and is simple and easy to operate. Businesses can choose to install pre-staged EV chargers already on the network, install a Paypass-enabled AURIGA charger, or enroll and enable their existing charger on the network.

Noodoe EV

Noodoe EV OS is a cloud-based operating system for EV charging that offers features such as autonomous operation, remote management, easy access to information, price versatility, automatic infrastructure diagnostics, comprehensive reporting, and powerful add-on microservices. Noodoe helps companies worldwide deliver exceptional EV charging experiences and offers a range of charging solutions.

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