Ask a Domestic Electrician: Top Tips to Make Your Home as Kid Safe as Possible in Brisbane

It is common knowledge that electricity and water do not mix, so this is an important lesson to focus on and teach your children.

We are all spending more and more time at home. And with many parents having to juggle working from home with looking after their children, electrical safety is paramount. Our homes are filled with potential electrical dangers for our children, so it is critical to educate them around electricity in the home, what to do and what not to do, and ensure the house is as hazard-free as possible. Our domestic electrician shares a handful of useful tips for all parents to implement and teach their children in their homes in Brisbane.

Keep Liquid Away From Outlets and Appliances

It is common knowledge that electricity and water do not mix, so this is an important lesson to focus on and teach your children. To avoid any dangerous situations with water and electricity, our domestic electrician in Brisbane suggests following these rules:

  • Keep liquid away from electrical appliances, especially if plugged in
  • No touching of cords, outlets or appliances with wet hands
  • Keep cups of water and other liquids away from appliances. You could take it one step further and only permit your children to use water bottles with secured lids throughout the working day

Safety Cap on All Unused Outlets

Unused power point outlets can easily grab young children’s attention. Covering outlets with plastic plug covers can prevent kids from poking or sticking fingers and objects inside and potentially receiving a small electrical shock. Covers usually plug directly into the outlet and are flat, making it difficult for young children to pull them out of the socket. If you’re not entirely sure what to get, a domestic electrician from Evergreen can answer any electrical queries in Brisbane.

Teach Your Children Safety Practices

Our domestic electrician in Brisbane highly recommends teaching your children safety practices when it comes to electricity and power outlets. It’s best to teach them as early as possible before any dangerous habits start to develop. Some safety practices you could teach are:

  • Never pull a plug out by the cord. Always hold onto the plug;
  • If a plug doesn’t fit in the outlet, do not force it;
  • Never put fingers or other objects in the outlet;
  • Turn the switch off at the wall socket before pulling the plug out; and
  • If a cord looks damaged (exposed wires), don’t use and bring it to parents

Avoid Overloading Power Boards

Power boards are common in the home, especially in lounge rooms, bedrooms and home offices. By plugging in too many appliances in at once, your chances of overloading the power board are high. You can also damage the appliances and could even possibly start a fire. This is an important safety tip to teach your children as well. Young children may also find multiple plugs something fun to play with and may continuously pull them out of their sockets, increasing their chance of an electrical shock. If they want to plug in multiple electrical devices in one area, consider distributing devices throughout different areas of the house and try to explain to them why this is important. If you find your home is lacking adequate power points, call Evergreen to have a domestic electrician in Brisbane come to your house and install the necessary outlets.

Keep Electrical Cords Tidy and Safe

Extension cords and even multiple cords in one area can be a tripping hazard. Keep your kids safe by concealing any cords behind furniture and using trays or clips to keep wires neat and out of the way. Avoid hiding cords under rugs, as this can increase the risk of the cords overheating and starting a fire.

Have a Domestic Electrician in Brisbane Run a Maintenance Check

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential in ensuring your home is safe and operating smoothly. Electrical maintenance around the home can include changing light fixtures, rewiring your home and installing security systems.

Book a Domestic Electrician in Brisbane For Any Essential Work

If you need additional power outlets or a safety switch installed, a domestic electrician from Evergreen can help. To book our services in Brisbane, please get in touch by giving us a call on 1300 353 232.

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